PetroGard Tape Standard

PetroGard Standard2

Product Characteristics

  • PetroGard Tape exhibits wide ranging resistance to acids, alkalis, and bacteria.
  • PetroGard Tape will not polymerise or oxidise and its non-hardening properties allow the product to accommodate both substrate vibration and movement.

Product Description

  • PetroGard Tape is an integral component of the PCS PetroGard System.
  • PetroGard Tape is based upon a Non Woven polyester fabric which has been fully impregnated and saturated with a petrolatum compound, blended with inert fillers, corrosion inhibitors and wide spectrum biocide. 
  • PetroGard Tape is manufactured in accordance with AWWA Standard C217-04.

Product Packaging

WidthLengthCarton Qty
50mm10m24 rolls
75mm10m16 rolls
100mm10m16 rolls
150mm10m8 rolls
200mm10m8 rolls
300mm10m4 rolls

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