Petro Coating Systems

Corrosion prevention for the future

Petro Coating Systems (PCS) is an Australian manufacturer that was originally formed in 1992. Since then, PCS have firmly established themselves as leaders in Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Systems.

Our success is founded on 4 unwavering principles

  • Employ and retain the best qualified industry specific professionals.
  • Offer the best proven internationally recognised products and systems.
  • Ensure the people who install our products are trained.
  • Excel in customer service and technical support.


Our philosophy at Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd is a simple one…

“A commitment to our customers to deliver 100% Quality Products and Professional & Experienced Service”

We strive for excellence in product manufacture and service delivery through the use of qualified professional personnel and effective work procedures, recognising that consistent product and service quality will ensure a high degree of client satisfaction, repeat business and continued growth.

We ensure that each and all of our employees understand that quality and customer satisfaction are inseparable and each employee has a personal responsibility within their sphere of influence to deliver effective and consistent products and services which lead to wholly satisfied customers.

We proactively monitor customer satisfaction on a formal and informal basis, analysing customer feedback and implementing remedial actions and process modifications as required to ensure we can continue to profitably deliver products and services which engender high level customer satisfaction.

This philosophy has served both our clients and our business well.