PetroGard Manhole Sealing Grease

PCS Manhole Sealing Grease

Product Characteristics

  • PetroGard Manhole Grease is formulated for stability and plasticity over a wide temperature range.
  • PetroGard Manhole Grease will profile crevices and sharp angular profile changes enabling PetroGard Tape to be applied without bridging or voiding.

Product Description

  • PetroGard Manhole Sealing Grease is an integral component of the PCS PetroGard System.
  • PetroGard Manhole Sealing Grease compound is specifically designed to ease the opening and removal of manhole covers. It consists of a water-proof blend of lithium-based greases, base oils and inert siliceous fillers.

Product Packaging

  • Width – 4kg
  • Carton Qty – 4/Carton

Product Literature (Click the link below to download)