Product description

STANDARD Pipe Leak Repair Bandage is based upon a woven synthetic cloth impregnated with moisture curing Urethane Epoxy and is furnished in moisture proof aluminium foil pouch ready for immediate application to the leaking pipework.

STOPGARD Pipe Leak Repair Bandage is ready for service in 30 minutes@25°C.
It exhibits excellent broad ranging resistance to acids, alkalis, mineral oils and alcohols.
The product can be succesfully applied by relatively unskilled labour and will cure even when fully immersed in water.

Available sizes

  • PRW5036 | 50 mm x 3.6m
  • PRW7536 | 75 mm x 3.6m
  • PRW1048 | 100 mm x 4.8m
PRODUCT USES Pipeline: Leak repair of Water, Oil, Gas, Acid, Alkali, Pipework. Other: Transition Zone (soil line) overwrap for PETROGARD Petrolatum Tape.

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