SteelGard 400 Tape

Product description

SteelGard 400 Tape is an integral component of the SteelGard 400 System.
SteelGard 400 Tape is based upon an aggressively adhesive butyl rubber corrosion prevention mastic layer, factory laminated with a stable polyester backing film.

Available sizes

  • BSG4050 | 50mm x 10m
  • BSG4100 | 100mm x 10m
  • BSG4200 | 200mm x 10m
  • BSG4400 | 400mm x 10m
  • BSG4500 | 500mm x 10m


SteelGard 400 Tape exhibits exceptional adhesion to steel, concrete and itself.
SteelGard 400 Tape exhibits exceptional resistance to temperature extremes.
The plastic nature of the product allows it to comfortably accommodate both substrate vibration and some movement.

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