PetroGard Primer Paste

Product description

PetroGard Primer Paste is an integral component of the PCS PetroGard System.
PetroGard Primer Paste is a petrolatum based primer used in the preparation of metal surface prior to contouring with PetroGard Mastic or wrapping with PetroGard Tapes.

Available sizes

  • PP01 | 1 kg
  • PP04 | 4 kg
  • PP020 | 20 kg


PetroGard Primer Paste will fill imperfections and enable uniform adhesion of PetroGard Mastic and PetroGard Tape to cleaned substrate.

PetroGard Primer Paste is formulated for stability and plasticity over a wide temperature range.

PetroGard Primer exhibits non-hardening and non-cracking properties to accommodate vibration and movement of the substrate. Will adhere and remain attached to clean, wet or dry metal surfaces. Highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salts.

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