PetroGard Manhole Sealing Grease

Product description

PetroGard Manhole Sealing Grease compound is specifically designed to ease the opening and removal of manhole covers. Consists of a water-proof blend of lithium-based greases, base oils and inert siliceous fillers.

Available sizes

  • PMHSG04 | 4kg  |  4 /Carton

Stable in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range
Non-hardening and non-cracking
Water and corrosion resistant
Accommodates vibration and movement of substrate
Will adhere and remain attached to clean, sound, metal surfaces
Compatible with most metals including steel, cast iron, ductile iron, brass and copper
Compatible with most plastics and rubber
Fills and seals minor blemishes in surfaces at contact points
Coverage rate: 3 to 4 m2/kg

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