PetroCote 1500 Tape

Product description

PetroCote 1500 Tape is an integral component of the PetroCote 1500 Tape Bitumen System.
PetroCote 1500 Tape has an integral hi-tensile, cross laminated HDPE backing medium, which imparts high mechanical strength, impact resistance and controlled elasticity/hoop tension.

Available sizes

  • PCT1500050 | 50mm x 20 m
  • PCT1500100 | 100mm x 20 m
  • PCT1500150 | 150mm x 20 m
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS PetroCote 1500 Tape is engineered for toughness, conformability and controlled elasticity. PetroCote 1500 Tape exhibits exceptional flexibility during application, permitting the installer to achieve a tight fitting, self sealing sheath over the pipe substrate.

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