Marinegard Buckle

Product description

The Smart Band standard buckle system is now available in 4 widths. The new 19mm (Val standard buckle system is a step function improvement over existing systems. Overall the product range is the world’s most effective plastic band & buckle system.

Available sizes

  • MGSBBV | Semi Release Smart Band Buckle
  • MGSBB10V | 10mm Smart Band Buckle
  • MGSBB19V | 19mm SmartBand Standard Buckle
  • MGSB19-30V | 19mm x 30m Smartband Strapping
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Offshore: cable bundling, pile protection, subsea marker attachment and anode attachment Onshore: street furniture, sign attachment, insulation, electrical, cooling towers, HVAC (flexible ducting) and chemical Smart Band Standard systems come in a choice of materials which offer Long life, Non corrosive and high strength/relaxation properties. Smart Band is an ideal alternative to a variety of alternative metallic strapping solutions such as Stainless Steel,Titanium, Monel & Alloy 625.

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